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Thankfully, we carry a wide selection of brand new Smart aero kits for your car. No matter how you use your car, as a dedicated show-stopper, a grocery-getter or even a weekend track day machine, these Smart body kits will all help your car be better looking while it performs those activities.

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We remove the old motor/tranny, modify the body for the kit to fit, do the welding and do most of the work but do to legal reasons we don't offer turnkey setups. Any basic mechanic shop can complete the vehicle. Option 1: $1,499 Upgrade the gen 1 motor offered in kit C and D to a gen 2 busa with 11 percent more hp

Lamborghini is taking an Alabama-based kit car company to court to stop it from building replicas of its vehicles. CARKITINC's Lamborghini "Mercy 4" body-kit fits directly over the

The above cars styling kits shows how you can take one of these fun cars and turn them into head turning mean mini machines. Let us know your favorites and if you can come up with a funny caption we'll credit it to you, just send us a message form our "Contact Us" link below. Smart Car Body Kits 32 Craziest Mini Mobiles Ever. Source

It's not a Micro-Machine. It's not a Golf Cart w/ a grill. It's a Smart Car, with a Body Kit, and it's kinda amazing. Smart car body kits are a clever way to make those eco-friendly cars (that we all love) look just a bit cooler. The upside of smart cars has always been obvious, but the drawbacks lurk right beneath the surface.