Rawlings Leather Car Seats | Best Car Update 2019-2020

Katzkin-Rawlings Baseball Seat Covers The Hog Ring

Looking to upgrade your seats for something with a little more luxury, style, AND durability? Enter Katzkin Leather Seats; who's special Rawlings Edition is guaranteed to fit your truck like a glove.

Our leather interior packages are not slip-on style seat covers or full seats, but rather they are upholstery kits designed to replace your factory seat covers completely. These upholstery kits are manufactured from automotive grade, vat dyed leather and are guaranteed to offer a Custom Look with a Factory Fit!

V. How to Maintain Leather Car Seats. As we've said earlier, protecting the leather is the key for healthy car seats. You may want to clean your seats every month and apply conditioner for that extra touch. It's always better to spend a little time each month cleaning your car seats than to spend the money on new seats a few years down the

The seating positions are quite unique, to say the least as there are 4 bucket seats and a bench all wrapped in leather for a more comfortable cruising session with your posse. Another flamboyant Italian car sits in Mr. Rawlings' car collection in the form of the Lamborghini Countach. When

Ordered and Installed correctly, our Katzkin leather interior upholstery kits will look, fit, and feel as good as or better than a factory leather interior! Katzkin Leather Seats. Upgrade your worn interior with leather upholstery tailored to your exact specifications with our authorized Katzkin Design Center.

The Hog Ring commissioned an automotive illustrator to produce interior renderings of some of the most common cars that roll through our auto upholstery shops.Similar to a coloring book, the drawings lack color and detail. Print them out and sketch your clients' ideas on top to bring life to their desired color schemes and design concepts.