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Do the foam brushes at a coin operated self serve car wash put scratches in the paint of a new car? Your best bet is to go to a hand wash car wash. Brushes eat into the paint and may not be recognizable at first. But contiued use will ruin your paint job. that will definitely scratch

This is probably the most obvious one. While you may think you're in the clear if you don't notice a scratch on your car after using the gas station car wash, chances are you just added a fresh coat of swirl marks on your paint. In an automatic "touch" car wash, the brushes used to scrub your car are seldom cleaned.

Taking a nice car to a mechanized or "full-service" car wash is actually bad for your car's paint. tiny scratches in your paint . brushes repeatedly slap against your car and drag across

Hand-wash or carwash brushes which are too coarse and/or dirty; Insufficient pre-wash with too little water; Exposing newly repaired paintwork to a carwash too early. A newly applied coating is less scratch-resistant when the paint has not dried for long enough or when excessive coats are applied, or the wrong amount of hardener is used

Is it safe to use a car wash brush? Can car wash brushes scratch paint? This seems to be one of the most common questions among those shopping for a car brush. Almost all car care brushes for sale by reputable brands are safe for pretty much any type of paint job or car surface.

Many think using the automated car wash is keeping their car clean and shiny, you have probably used it before, but you never knew the levels of damage done to your modern show room new car. The automated brush car wash is the number one worst place to take your modern vehicle, period. That automation of the revolving brushes and the cable