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Car Seat Canopies & Handle Cushions. A soft and lightweight muslin baby car seat canopy creates a breathable nest for your little one and protects baby from sun, wind, rain, germs and prying eyes. Use a car seat arm cushion or car seat handle cushion to relieve pressure from heavy car seats and carry your infant car seat comfortably and stylishly.

Travel Car Seats and Devices Infant Seats. All infant seats are perfect for travel, but here are some options if your little one has outgrown her infant seat: CARES Harness (for airplane only) ~ $73. This is the harness of a forward-facing car seat, without the actual seat. 🙂

It protects the infant's head when resting the head on the pillow in the car seat generating shaking and vibration when you go out. This product is 100% handmade. This infant head support use only GOTS(Global Textile Standard) licensed natural cotton fabric, that is grown using sustainable farming practices which preserve and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic and chronic pesticides and fertilizers.

Yes! While the pillow seems expensive for well…. "just a pillow", consider it as one of those baby safety items such as a carseat, crib, exersaucer, or other item. The Mimos Pillow was designed by doctors, physiotherapists, and neurosurgeons to reduce the pressure under the head.

Some child-seat manufacturers make products specifically designed and tested for their car seats, and most approve of using rolled towels to add recline to rear-facing seats or on the side of an

This blog is going to look at the potential risks involved in adding a cushion to the booster seat, and what else you can do to make the seat more comfortable. In infant seats, group 1 seats and group 123 car seats, you normally find that the seat has some sort of insert in it that can be removed as the child grows.