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Car Pranks including safe pranks and car revenge pranks You've been on the receiving end of endless car pranks for long enough! It's time to get back and get even! You'll find some great prank ideas here that you can easily adopt, modify, and use on your tormentors (now turned victims). Heck

A District Attorney misteriously comes back to life after being murdered and thrown out of a building by criminals onto his brand new car. Now, he is seeking revenge for his murder, embarking on a

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Whats the best way to disable a car for revenge? submitted 5 years ago * by courier84. Just found my best friend in bed with my fiance. He loves his car, I loved my life. She is the mother of my two babies and they together destroyed my family. He drives a late model honda crv and I want to burn

The Car: Road to Revenge is the stylized sequel to the unconventional horror cult classic The Car (1977), and features an homage to the original with the return of Ronny Cox [Link=nm0001074as] the Mechanic?.

Burnout Revenge originally featured 79 vehicles including two exclusive crash vehicles, but it was increased to 89 with the addition of DLC cars in the XBOX 360 port. Contents[show] Race Vehicles These vehicles can be used in any event in Burnout Revenge but can only be unlocked by playing